100 years

Celebration of Learning

Eastern Region invites you to a celebration of 100 years of learning with the WEA in in East Anglia. The Association has played a historic and significant role in adult education across the nation since 1903 and as a distinct area in the East of England since 1913. William Temple, the first president of the Association, described it as a ‘ministry of enthusiasm’. As part of our centenary celebrations this event will draw on these words to reflect the enthusiasm of our learners, volunteers, staff and partners. You have an opportunity to attend a range of workshops, activities and talks that we hope will reflect the type of learning that is happening across the Region now and provide you with a day to remember. This website will be the focal point to the celebrations showcasing the events, interactive online content, photos and videos and links to our new WEA archive.

Forging another 100 years...

Welcome to the WEA Eastern Centenary website which will provide news, information and interactive events throughout our celebrations.
The Workers’ Educational Association was founded nationally in 1903, with the Eastern district being established in 1913 and the first recorded meeting  held on 29th March. It was held at Trinity College, Cambridge, and was attended ‘as was customary at that time by the secretaries of existing branches’.
This website will cover all the projects, events and activities that will be on going during our year long celebrations and offer reviews, feedback, photos, videos and podcats on all the proceedings. You will also find a calendar detailing all up and coming festivities so you can keep up to date with all that is happening.
There will also be contact details if you would like to become involved with some or all of the projects or have content to showcase on here. This is something we are very keen to happen, as without you the members and learners, the WEA would simply not exist today. We know the value of having committed learners, volunteers, staff and members, and we want all of you to be able to contribute to our celebrations. The WEA’s place in local, regional and national history is of vital importance, and the aim of the projects we are undertaking is to preserve our roots while also preparing for the next hundred years and more.
Looking forward – A letter from Peter Threadkell

Next year, 2013, will be a special year for the Eastern Region (formerly  District) as we will be celebrating both by looking forward to the future   and looking back, a hundred years of providing quality Adult Education for all sections of the community.
We will be organising several events regionally but  we would like you  to consider organising your own event  either at Branch or Federation level.
It could be  a special newsletter, a day school looking how your town/village /city has changed over 100 years, a lecture on how Education has changed since 1913,a  Question Time event, a Reception for relevant members of your community etc... So think about it.
If you decide on an event, could you send details to Kathryn Coles at Cintra House as we are keeping a Centenary  Diary of the various events being organised.
Subject  to other commitments I and the other Regional Officers  would be pleased to attend any special events. I can be contacted on or through Cintra House.
Peter Threadkell
October  2012

Want to take part?

If you are interested in being part of any of the projects or would like more information regarding them, or would like an event you are organising to be promoted in the newsletter, please contact Adam on or  01842 811171. Without the members, volunteers and learners we wouldn't be who we are today and it is as much your celebrations as it is ours.